Human Centered

My focus is creating human centered designs that allow people to harness the full power of technology to help solve their problems and actualize their aspirations.


For the benefit
of humankind

In humanities differences there lys similar problems, our ever expanding network of knowledge increases our ability to solve these issues. Ubiqitous computing has greatly sped this process.


Currency exchange rate applications do not accuratley show their customers the purchansing power of the currency in question. Quanto aims to solve this.

Vape Creators

Companion application for the Vape Creators store in Ealing, London. Designed as a guidance application for those new to vaping and its instruments.


An interactive installation that uses the viewers brainwaves to manipulate the visualisation. The interaction is a conscious decision to interfere.

Winko Games

Home page of Winko Games, a game developement company opporating out of the Barelona Spain. Their primary focus is mobile games.

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