• Swift
  • Firebase
  • Sketch


We all have an inkling fascination with a voyage into an unknown land and be rewarded with unforgettable experiences. Whether this is sparked by a post on Instagram, a conversation with a friend who stole your attention about their travels over a drink or just for business. We all dream about traveling. Though it is fun to dream, reality seems to transition those thoughts into doubt. Many unanswered questions can slowly drain our dreams of their color and one question in particular is always prevalent. How much does it cost to travel?

The goal of the interface is to create an easy to use and understand for the user to familiarize with the process, multiple iterations where suggested leading to a more guided approach to the design. On boarding consists of a series of questions that allow the user to contribute information, this is to allow for customization and more personalized data displayed to the user. The user experience through the application primarily consists of questions as to adhere to natural language one would use in conversation. The informal style of speech when one is interacting with technology take’s the edge off having to work yet another application.

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